Soft Serve



-Butter Pecan

-Peanut Butter





-Black Cherry


-German Chocolate


-Creme De Menthe

-Maple nut



-Vanilla Cheesecake




-Pina Colada

-Pistachio Nut


-Tutti Frutti

Hard Serve Hershey's
-Birthday Cake (cake flavored ice cream with a bright blue frostingswirl and confetti cake bits)
-Chocolate Moose Tracks (famous moose tracks fudge and peanut butter cups swirled in chocolate ice cream)
-Playdough (bright yellow vanilla ice cream with pink and blue sugar cookie gems)
-Strawberry Cheesecake (cheesecake ice cream swirled with strawberry sauce and real cheesecake bits)
-Heavenly Hazelnut (rich chocolate ice cream with a hazelnut fudge and crunchy chocolate cookies)
-Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle 
-Salted Caramel Banana Foster
-Better Brownie Batter
-Peppermint Stick
-Salted Caramel Brownie (delicious brownie batter ice cream mixed with a sweet and salty caramel swirl along with baked brownie bits)
-Honey Roasted Peanut Butter (honey roasted peanut butter ice cream and a creamy peanut butter twist mixed in along with chocolate flakes)

-Llamalicious (whimsical green and yellow cake batter ice cream, packed with fabulous purple sugar cookie chips and swirled with pink frosting)
-Coconut Chocolate Almond (coconut ice cream with chocolate chips and roasted almonds)
-Cherry Vanilla 


-Lemon, Mango, and Blueberry- Pomegranate!

Frozen Yogurt

-Black Raspberry Chip, Chocolate- Peanut Butter Cup, Coffee Toffee, and Lemon Wafer Cookie!



No Sugar Added

-Coffee and Caramel Pecan!